Davalia Rabbit Foot Fern

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Polystichum is a genus of ferns in the family Dryopteridaceae, subfamily Dryopteridoideae, according to the Pteridophyte Phylogeny Group classification of 2016. The genus has about 500 species and has a cosmopolitan distribution


Rabbit's foot fern is a perennial plant that, like others in the Davallia genus, has lacy upright fronds with a delightful, quirky trait—they grow from creeping scaly rhizomes that are covered with a fine, fur-like mat of hairs. These ferns are usually epiphytic (growing on other plants and absorbing nutrients and moisture through the air). Rabbit's foot ferns are frequently grown as hanging or potted plants with the exposed hairy roots spilling out of the container or pinned to the sides of moss baskets.

Rabbits Foot Fern Plant CareWater moderately, enough to make the soil moist. Allow the soil in the container to dry out slightly between waterings. When the soil is dry or almost dry to the touch, it's time to water. Over-watering will cause the leaves to yellow and may result in root rot.


Rabbits Foot Fern (Davallia fejeensis) also known as Hares Foot Fern is an evergreen perennial fern. It is part of the Davalliaceae family and is native to Fiji. The Rabbit Foots Fern is a hardy fern that can survive indoors or out. It is slow growing but long lived.